Black ice and freezing temperature raising my cravings scale  🙂 wish i have so many hands and bundle of energy to satisfy my taste buds. 🙁    despite of many ideas settling with this quick and delicious matter panner, simple onion tomato raitha with roti, not a bad idea after all !!! Hmm… when it comes to sweet tooth, even a spoon of Horlicks can do the trick 😉

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 1.02.54 AM



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  1. Avatar srivarshini kolavennu says:

    its so yummie!!
    I feel like eating it..

  2. Avatar srivarshini kolavennu says:

    I love panneer very much aunty..! Cooked panner with added salt aynaa direct ga thine type nenu.. 😛

  3. sownu sownu says:

    Welcome to the club Siri 🙂 Prashy will never get tired of paneer.. we will have paneer party when we meet next time 🙂

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