For a change you do nothing but sitting idle and watch your thoughts flow… which rejuvenate the whole thought process and helps  with right decisions. Hope mine was a good one!! i am good at planning but poor at executing recently 🙁  unlike some one who says they don’t plan but i see them execute things 😉  learn alot from people by observing them or by talking them. These all are life lessons. “Desire & Destiny” Who doesn’t have desires and  the destinies in life.. . Very interesting title moved me to sign up for this series with Deepak and Oprah.!!!! Need to wait to 21 days to see how and where it takes me on the scale 🙂


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  1. srivarshini kolavennu says:

    Aunty! After observing all your write-ups one thing flashed in my mind i.e., your writing style and attitude perfectly suits for self-help and personality development books.. they will definitely show a positive impact on the readers.. 🙂
    All the best 🙂

  2. Manga says:

    I like the quote on thoughts 😉 I could not able to sleep as I’m too excited about my new challenges and too many thoughts/ideas keeping me awake 🙁 I want to sleep and wish the thoughts or ideas will flow without disturbing my sleep 😉

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