Serenity journal 📓!! Will I ever grow bored of stationary? May be stationary should get bored of me, one of the stress busters and mood lifters. 😍💃… wish there were web series on how to master this art of “looking back and moving forward” it’s not the same any longer… 

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Serotonin at peaks!! music is the mantra anytime. Listening to Samaganalolne put me a flying tour to memory lane. Being a firm believer of mind game, may be time to switch the gear start a new routine..

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Radha Vs Shakthi!! If given a pick..? How well it would be to flip ?? A mix of both, maybe!! Looking ahead for many lives many masters, if one good mentor can shape our passion into life.. How secure it should be having many to mentor our life and soul!! 

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Time makes you forget… hmmm.. can’t agree on that. Deviation -here and now might be the survival of art!! New tracks for the old route. Welcome 2017!!😘😘img_0180.jpg

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Glimpse of 2016- life is full of surprises. Procrastination at peaks, new challenges gave different  meaning and prospective to life! 2 weeks of ME time in India , surviving major car crash, hidden faces of childhood friends – life is short to have regrets, remove negative people and move on with life. Live the moment- lessons learned hard  way!! 

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Expectations lead to misery 😞😞😞 . Practicing detachment while attached is the best practice. 

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It’s a dream come true, Live the life you love, waking up to the sounds of water pushed my inner self to Be “ME”.For the one who is scared of water and heights, “Parasailing” is not a bad sport to kick off the summer vacation!! 

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Kick off to a great weekend at exotic island. Envision of Sand, sounds of water, making me skip my heart beat. “Assertiveness of earth angels”- if one chapter can take away my uncertainty, pretty sure this book can do wonders . 1 of 25 books to read in 2016. 

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Having hope is not spoilt, but.. Believing it will comet rue is not naturalistic. What is illusion?Tunnel or the faint end of the tunnel? This is the denotation of the shift hopes, for dreams/ goals!Waking up to the auditory sensations of the beach,Don’t ask me how or why this happens, except a small dream or wish around.



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Need Vs Want? Unsolved puzzle in life. Well, planning ahead makes life easier what if those never see light? Peaks of procrastination pulled me into a sand-pit. Old school yields best results. Time to go back to paper. Revisiting tasks and goals,speaking of which made me jot this..

BWL 2016

Waking up to Wishes
Mom’s food
Mother Theressa Orphanage Visit 
Nice Saree-  Beige/Sea Green
Lots of Stationary 
Midnight Biryani









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