Being away from things you like… I thought I was derailed from my passion😔 when I held back for words made me realize how much I missed being here. it is easy to express when u are empty or contented, not when u are lost!! Still struggling to discover my path.. At this time all I can picture is light not the path 😔. Revisiting goals and tasks for remainder of the year is like entrained

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Balvikas presentations brought back the memories of Brahma Kumaris days and retreat sessions at Mt. Abu. Golden days of childhood, how to be a child once more? I need #101 lessons on being a kid!! Missing childhood, my parents, waiting for India trip to take place. Anup’s presentation was a WoW factor today.. Never expected him to be a matured speaker for a first timer..

1 out of 52.. Time flies faster than our vision.. Hoping 2016 open doors for excitement and adventures in life!!


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Blank book with best stationary , what else is needed to make the mark? Struggling hard to accept .. Hmm.. It proves again nothing can beat the fate.😒. Jotting down the plan for next few months seems exciting .. Bucket list for 2016.. Books to read, things to do.. Places to visit…


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Last page, last chapter of the year.. Never expected i would end this year with pain… the mother who is going thru the agony of her life, my heart goes for her …….Knowing your kid is no more and you will not see that smile or hear her sweet voice never again….i can’t imagine where their lives will take them, but i can envision their hearts being stoned and souls are being surrounded by emptiness.




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Beauty of motherhood, sharing from sickness to happiness made my long weekend confined in the house.. Taste of bitter medicines making me crave for random foods.. Being sick for long time really sucks 🙁  

Evening breeze with glass French doors facing clear water, corner desk with writing pad and fav pen ..perfect place to jot your thoughts.. Old habits die hard Vs 5 am club, procrastination at the peaks… Rewriting my  todo list for 2016.. TR ‘s new session might break the ice. 



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If 2 letters can bring smile on your face 26 can do wonders 🙂 unlimited bucket list with no ray of hope leads to dead end😔. Mother is higher than Self .. 

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Smile on face from the least expected situation ☺️ . Music in ears is mantra for today. Ignoring Vs. taking for granted? What is acceptable?  



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Ignorance is bliss – all is ok till you see the light.. Don’t know when the tunnel ends? Vegas Vs Newyork- hard to pick.. Not sure when? 

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19 years of togetherness made one perfectly imperfect couple on the earth…being lazy couch potato made this rainy day perfect…


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ER visit, Movie night, couch potato… What else to expect from a perfect Saturday!!Eating ice cream out of the bucket would have made the evening more colorful !! Roses and Candles – Perfect answer to my  inner quest 🙂

30 days to step 1, determination with inner engineering might bring the positive result.







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